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Paddle Groups

Group Kayak Trips in Arcadia, Florida

Plan ahead for your group kayak trip, and we can source kayaks for as many as 20 guests. Simply complete our online reservations. Choose one of our locations or request your own. Plan an upcoming excursion with KAYAK ECO TOURS and your group. Large groups receive standard rental rates, free delivery, and assistance launching. All groups are usually open to the public unless otherwise requested.

​​Peace River Paddle Group

Join a weekly kayaking trip on the Peace River. You don't need to own a kayak. Cost is $30 /person and includes kayak equipment or free if you bring your own kayak. Paddle with an experienced guide. Explore remote areas of the Peace River. These trips are easy to moderate paddling for everyone to have fun, meet people with similar interests, and enjoy the outdoors. During season we meet every Tuesday at Nav-A-Gator and paddle from 9 a.m. - 11 a.m if weather permits. Call ahead to confirm availability of rentals. Check in time is 30 minutes prior to departure. We ask that you have the rental waiver completed in order for us to supply kayaking equipment.

Planning to go kayaking?

Most of the kayaks have room for a small cooler, but we don't provide one. Plan on being outside so bring your sun screen, hat, and plenty of water. We recommend having at least 2 bottles of water for each person. It's best to wear water shoes or old tennis shoes that you don't mind getting wet. Expect to get your feet wet. Bring a change of dry clothes to leave in your car. We launch and load the kayaks for you, and our Kayak Specialist will answer any questions before getting started.

Complete the online waiver for each person in your group. Please help us save time by having your form completed prior to launching. Thank you for choosing Kayak Eco Tours.

Maps (Float Plans)

Expect to paddle a different trip each week. We have several options to cross the river, cut through creeks, or vary direction. Taking the same trip in the opposite direction can often look completely different. The water level variation will also affect our scenery and choice of trips. We have about 20 or more combinations before ever recycling the same trip. Maps and float plans will be available online whenever possible; therefore, we will keep them available for future reference.

Weekly Maps for Peace River Paddling